My Mission

My passion in life is inspiring and educating people to make the whole foods connection to nutrition. 

My objective is to bring healthy cooking back into our busy homes, through Nutrition Education, Private Nutrition Consultations for individuals or families and Cooking Classes.

I approach every body as unique. Specific programs are developed with every family member in mind to ensure that individuals are able to obtain their nutrition goals, while addressing any health issues or concerns, without making multiple meals to accomplish it.

About Family Nutrition Connection

Michelle Cave is a certified Nutrition Consultant & Nutrition Educator and has been practicing for over 15 years. She studied Holistic Nutrition at Bauman College, in Berkeley, CA and is a member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals.

Her holistic approach to nutrition incorporates all aspects of nutritional healing, which include seasonal, organic whole foods, herbs & supplements. Her specialization in Food Allergies & Digestive Disorders have helped provide the necessary tools for her client's success in their own health and wellness.

Michelle's passion for family nutrition began with her own family and some of the challenges of being a new parent. She began developing recipes from the early days, starting with baby food. She found ways to incorporate fresh, seasonal produce and get her kids to eat it, using specific tools and techniques in the kitchen, all the while not giving in to "picky pallets". In addition, Michelle has found herbal formulas and supplements worthy and essential in combating the toughest of symptoms for kids and adults. After 15 years as a Mom, she now has hundreds of original recipes, along with many helpful tips and suggestions.

Through the years she has developed nutrition and gardening programs for students at the local school. She has encouraged changes in school lunches and fundraising events. Michelle created and chairs some wonderful fundraisers for the school (inspired to encourage nutrition education and health awareness): Cooking Classes for adults and kids; an annual 2 mile Family Fun Run; and a favorite among the parents at the school - the Spring Plant Sale, which funds the organic garden program.

Michelle's passion and experience
has helped to shape her nutrition practice today. Her thoughtful recipes are always complete and delicious, even to those picky pallets. Her extensive knowledge in herbal formulas and supplements provides families with comfort and relief when it comes to making decisions about which products to buy, which products are safe and which products will help their family's symptoms. Her approach to nutrition is complete and will give you the tools to make the right nutrition connection!


"Take charge of your health right from your own kitchen!"

-Michelle Cave