Are you concerned that your family's

nutritional requirements are not being met?


Are you looking for inspiring ways to provide

better nutrition for yourself & your family?

Family Nutrition Connection

is the answer to your family's nutritional needs!

Make the right nutrition connection for you

& your family today!

Nutrition programs

are carefully created & include

Nutrition Education,

Meal Plans & Recipes for

the Whole Family

My innovative approach to nutrition & healing is structured for

every body in your family

Ensuring a lifetime of healthy eating habits & food attitudes 

Gaining a new respect towards nature's best preventative medicine - whole foods! 

"Changing the world in which

we eat, one mouth at a time."

- Michelle Cave

The Dinner Project

 Want to enjoy a home cooked dinner with your family?  Don't have time to cook?  No problem!  Order your dinners from The Dinner Project every Tuesday & Thursday and let me do the cooking.

What's cooking this month?

Specializing in

Food Allergies & Digestive Issues

At FNC I am committed to providing my clients with the essential nutrition tools to get connected & stay connected to fresh, seasonal whole foods